Publishing Schedule

Hyper-Aware analyses and Appreciably Aware articles will be posted before noon, Mountain time. The days for posting will be Monday through Thursday.

Holidays/Days Off

Ill-Defined Space will not post content on public holidays, a week’s worth of days in the summer, and during a few days during the holiday season in December. I am giving myself eight days off for emergencies, sickness, travel, etc. I will also take twelve days of vacation.

Ill-Defined Space won’t publish on the following days during 2020:

  • May 25 — Memorial Day

  • July 3 — Independence Day

  • September 7 — Labor Day

  • November 11 — Veterans Day

  • November 25–26 — Thanksgiving

  • December 21–24 — Christmas

  • December 28-31 — New Year’s Eve

  • January 1 — New Year’s Day

  • January 2 — Winter Break

Thank you for your support!