Chasing Dreams: SNC and Spirit Defense and Space

Using word combinations such as "commercialization of space" and "access to the space economy" sounds good. Does SNC know what those words mean?

Amazon’s Digital Assistant in Space; Florida Men Devise a Cunning Plan

NASA will be testing Amazon’s Alexa on an Artemis mission. The space agency has obviously never seen movies involving AIs and space… Also, two Florida men want to make Florida a space leader?

More Commercial Space Stations: Examining the Orbital Reef Announcement

When two or more space turkeys merge, it results in a messy pile of turkey, nothing more.

The Russian Tantrum and Threat

Russia is threatening to take its ISS toys and go home, but leaving will hurt them more than anyone else. Also, a Texas representative may be ascribing Earth-moving powers to bureaucracy.

Questions about the Commercial Space Industry’s Future (and some answers)

My attempt to address a few questions about the future of the commercial space industry.

Commercial Space and its Slugworths: A Lack of Pure Imagination

Are some of the struggles some of the space startups are dealing with more to do with a lack of "Pure Imagination?" Is this why we see them offering similar products consumers aren't interested in?

Examining Realities in ISS Commercialization

Does a commercial launch option for human spaceflight mean anyone can afford a stay on the ISS? Probably not.

Tea Leaves, Biden, SLS = U.S. Space Industry Future?

What might a President Biden do to SLS? Why? If he didn't cancel it, is SLS a "good" future of the U.S. space industry?

China’s CZ-5B, Hand-wringing, Capabilities, and Credibility

I forgot to select the proper categories for yesterday's article, "Lunar Lander Contracts--Some Dependent on SLS," so I've republished the article with the correct categories. If you couldn't get to it yesterday, I apologize. China’s successful launch of the Long March 5B (Chang Zheng 5B--CZ-5B) early Tuesday morning certainly presented good news for China’s human… Continue reading China’s CZ-5B, Hand-wringing, Capabilities, and Credibility

Human Spaceflight, Its Future under NASA, and the Moon

I’m sure most readers have already heard/read something similar to the following: for the first time in nearly a decade, American astronauts will launch from U.S. soil. Two astronauts will be launched from Launch Complex 39A in Florida at 1632 EDT on May 27. They will ride on inside a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule on… Continue reading Human Spaceflight, Its Future under NASA, and the Moon