Imbalance of Space Power: Russia and Ukraine

What is space power? Is it merely owning a bunch of satellites and rockets? Ukraine is providing a peek at space power’s future.

Reviewing Some 2022 Space Industry Trends

Up/down, toward/from–trends are the analyst’s Twitter Joke Format: they’re variations of the same thing, often reused and repeated, but seldom funny.

Russia Positioning, Navigation, and Timing: GLONASS and Mexico

GLONASS is Russia’s military PNT system. So why is the Mexican government interested in helping it out?

Positioning, Navigation, Timing: a Segment Ready for Commercialization?

Is there room in the realm of free data for a commercial, possibly better, PNT option? Perhaps Odin only knows.

Commercial Space and its Slugworths: A Lack of Pure Imagination

Are some of the struggles some of the space startups are dealing with more to do with a lack of "Pure Imagination?" Is this why we see them offering similar products consumers aren't interested in?

Applications that Use Space Infrastructures

There have been a few articles posted essentially echoing the math from Space Capital’s latest “Space Investment Quarterly.” The reported...

Saved by the Belle (HMG Buys a Share of OneWeb)

Last Friday the United Kingdom’s OneWeb announced that Bharti Global Limited and Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) bought the bankrupt low...

Space Industry Wrestles Reality on a Roll

Plenty of articles have been written about the “Future of the Space Industry” after the world has dealt with COVID-19. So much literary hand-wringing goes on in these opinions and prognostications, I have to wonder if I’m missing something. There are full-on articles dedicated to the worry about whether the commercial human spaceflight “industry” will… Continue reading Space Industry Wrestles Reality on a Roll