Russia Positioning, Navigation, and Timing: GLONASS and Mexico

GLONASS is Russia’s military PNT system. So why is the Mexican government interested in helping it out?

Bluster II: the Breakup

What happens if you take away space opportunities and no one notices or cares? We’ll find out soon, once Rogozin stops shooting himself and Roscosmos in the foot.

European Union Space Plans: Why Lead, when It’s Easier to Follow?

The European Union wants a European high-speed broadband satellite system. Does it make sense? Maybe there's a more useful mission.

2020 Commercial Global Space Market, Part 1: The Year of Government Dependence

While the global space industry was busy and profitable during 2020, perhaps its activities and profits are not signs of a healthy “commercial” space sector.

Commercial Space-based EO/RS Sector Growth, Part 2

Growth in EO/RS has the potential to help with government disaster response...with caveats.

LauncherOne Customers and DoD Wish Fulfillment

If Virgin Orbit launches a proper business, will the DoD's wish finally come true? Or is it a case of being “careful what you wish for?”

OneWeb Update, Scrubbed U.S Launches, What is Reliability?

A series of events didn’t occur last week, reminding those of us monitoring their lack of happening that the U.S. space industry is still...

Yellow Sea Launch Activities; Australian Space Leaders’ Data Aggregated?

China is taking more inspiration from the 1990s for space launch. It’s investing more into a floating...

SLS Rising Costs, Mission Assurance Concerns

To the surprise of no one (a predictable surprise, so to speak), SLS will cost more, and so will the ground systems supporting the ...

Rocket Lab’s Electron Upgrades and Government Contract Aims

Rocket Lab announced a few weeks ago that its teams have managed to increase the mass its Electron rocket can lift. The Electron was...