The Michigan Launch Initiative: The Road Traveled Too Often

Stadium, spaceport, and monorail proposals have a few things in common. Unfortunately, one significant commonality relies on twisting facts and supplying doses of unrealistic optimism.

European LEO Broadband: feasible but unrealistic?

The EU's commissioner keeps pushing forward a vision of European LEO broadband service. If approved it will likely be built, but certainly not quickly.

Focus On: Virgin Galactic’s Wild Ride–Future of Spaceflight or Fair Ride?

With a major milestone out of the way, is Virgin Galactic primed for becoming the future of suborbital human spaceflight?

Thousand Islands: Indonesia, the Philippines, & Satellite Communications

Nations with thousands of islands using satellites as their communications backbone. At least one is eyeing Starlink.

The Beginning of the End (of Expensive Satellites)?

The Space Development Agency awarded an infrared satellite manufacturing contract to SpaceX. Why didn't it choose traditional manufacturers?

Thoughts About “China’s Space Narrative”

CASI's report, just introduced last week, is a fascinating read, but it's errors don't fill readers with confidence.

Risk/Opportunity? It Depends on the Customer and the Company

This article’s headline, “Why the private space industry embraces risk,” intrigued me. At the very least, it appeared...

Reusability, Waste, and Leverage

While the rivalry among industry competitors is entertaining to watch, some episodes during a competition can get downright...

EO Business Models/Government Influence On EO Startups

When discussing the Earth observation (EO) satellite business, there are the publicized plans/goals space startups...

Quo Vadis, India? And a Kiwi Space Company

These two analyses look at space happenings with India and New Zealand. India, in particular, has...