Mixed Message: State of the Space Industrial Base 2022

Is there anything impactful from U.S. government observations and recommendations in its report? Yes. But readers may have to muddle through to find them.

“Good Question!”

More reflection…this time about the utility of technical knowledge in commercial space enterprise. Does a bright idea answering a technical challenge lead to a new business segment?

Disruption Or Dissonance? Relativity Space

Just how disruptive is Relativity Space? The company thinks its 3D printers are more than tools--they are harbingers of future factories and operations. But words cloud the company's actions.

Seeing Infrared, Part 3: What Does Nearly $3 Billion Buy?

Part 3: It must be nice to never pay attention to a customer's needs, nor offer a compelling product with ground support. SMC's gotchya.

U.S. Rocket Launch Market: Strictly Commercial?

Even with COVID-19 having its way with the world, space launch services worldwide were busy. Does it imply a healthy commercial market?

Commercial Space-based EO/RS Sector Growth–Potential to Help with Government Emergency and Response

In the last decade, there's been significant growth in commercial space-based EO/RS companies. Can they help emergency and response?

Partnerships and Platforms: Thinking about Microsoft’s Azure Space

Does Azure Space and a partnership with SpaceX give Microsoft an edge against Amazon's AWS?

OneWeb: Activities, Plans, Impacts

Considering the company is dealing with Chapter 11 activities, OneWeb's other activities and plans have kept it...

Rocket Lab’s Photon: When Launch Isn’t Enough

Rocket Lab is testing out something that would make it more than “a glorified...

Research/Development, Baidu Maps’ Curious Grey Tiles, and Planet

This Buzzfeed story, “Blanked Out Spots On China's Maps Helped Us Uncover Xinjiang's Camps,” came out last week. Let’s clarify this in...