Opportunities from the New Indian Space Policy?

Will India’s newest space policy make it a larger player in the global space industry?

Effective Communications: Satellite Orbital Safety Best Practices

A cooperatively created guide of best practices courtesy of a few well-known companies' experiences.

Astra’s Challenges; Loft Orbital Goes Bigger

More concerns about Astra, but from a finance group. Does Loft's agreement with Airbus mean more payloads per satellite or larger payloads?

The Russian Tantrum and Threat

Russia is threatening to take its ISS toys and go home, but leaving will hurt them more than anyone else. Also, a Texas representative may be ascribing Earth-moving powers to bureaucracy.

Process, Control, the SDA’s SpaceX Selection

Expect more crocodile tears and handwringing from lawmakers as SDA bypasses NSSL for cheaper, more-responsive, launch prices.

Implications of Starship’s 12.5 km Test

SpaceX's Starship test yesterday is evidence that the company's rocket is real, which will result in real impacts on the rest of the sector.

Fun with Numbers: China/U.S. Rocket Launches and Other Activities

Is the U.S. lagging far behind China in launches and satellite deployments in 2020?That's what 2 articles are saying. But they're wrong.

Virgin Orbit–a Year Ago and Now

It’s hard to believe a little over a year has passed since Chris Quilty and I wrote up the analysis “Virgin Orbit – Approaching...

Filling the DoD’s Blind Spot in Cislunar space

AFRL will be developing a system that will be able to see activities occurring on the Moon’s...

Government Space Budgets=Industry Priorities (Where’s Commercial?)

And last week one possible space industry player, the Department of Commerce (DoC), just received a small boost from a...