SLS, Orion, Artemis: Mind the Gap

The successful launch of Artemis 1 is a step. But is it a step to an abyss or to an actual, attainable plan?

Amazon’s Digital Assistant in Space; Florida Men Devise a Cunning Plan

NASA will be testing Amazon’s Alexa on an Artemis mission. The space agency has obviously never seen movies involving AIs and space… Also, two Florida men want to make Florida a space leader?

Human Spaceflight: Being Taken for a Ride

In the space sector, there appear to be at least three types of businesses offering to take people for a ride.

Implications of Starship’s 12.5 km Test

SpaceX's Starship test yesterday is evidence that the company's rocket is real, which will result in real impacts on the rest of the sector.

Tea Leaves, Biden, SLS = U.S. Space Industry Future?

What might a President Biden do to SLS? Why? If he didn't cancel it, is SLS a "good" future of the U.S. space industry?

SpaceX, Propellant Depots, and Rocket Markets

SpaceX wins from NASA a contract to develop a capability. ULA had tried to get that funding over a decade ago...

SLS Rising Costs, Mission Assurance Concerns

To the surprise of no one (a predictable surprise, so to speak), SLS will cost more, and so will the ground systems supporting the ...

Ups and Downs In Brownsville, Texas

If you had a chance to watch SpaceX’s test of a Starship prototype (dubbed SN5) last night, then you know...

SpaceX Mission Accomplished=Good Day

The business of commercially flying people into space in a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule launched on...

Lunar Lander Contracts–Some Dependent on SLS

NASA’s announcement last week that it will be paying three contenders to work on lunar landers (NASA calls them human landing systems) for its Artemis program may turn out to be interesting. Of the three--Blue Origin, Dynetics, and SpaceX--not one has a working launch vehicle that is intended to be used to launch these landers.… Continue reading Lunar Lander Contracts–Some Dependent on SLS