Boeing’s Successful Starliner Flight Test: And Then??

It’s great that Boeing is experiencing success with its latest Starliner test flight. Does that success translate to a fruitful future?

SLS Rising Costs, Mission Assurance Concerns

To the surprise of no one (a predictable surprise, so to speak), SLS will cost more, and so will the ground systems supporting the ...

Rocket Lab’s Electron Upgrades and Government Contract Aims

Rocket Lab announced a few weeks ago that its teams have managed to increase the mass its Electron rocket can lift. The Electron was...

SpaceX Mission Accomplished=Good Day

The business of commercially flying people into space in a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule launched on...

Civil Astronaut Launch, its Cheerleaders, Uncivil Society

Both stories potentially impact the future of the United States and its citizens. But one of these stories--the murder of George Floyd...

Flying Humans to Space, for Fun, Science, and Profit

As more interest builds up surrounding the NASA/SpaceX launch of people to the International Space Station (ISS) in May, the inevitable (and purely avoidable) references to other yet-to-be-implemented services provided by Virgin Galactic or Blue Origin always seem to surface. Even research groups have offered reports pairing these two very different types of businesses together.… Continue reading Flying Humans to Space, for Fun, Science, and Profit

Human Spaceflight, Its Future under NASA, and the Moon

I’m sure most readers have already heard/read something similar to the following: for the first time in nearly a decade, American astronauts will launch from U.S. soil. Two astronauts will be launched from Launch Complex 39A in Florida at 1632 EDT on May 27. They will ride on inside a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule on… Continue reading Human Spaceflight, Its Future under NASA, and the Moon