Arianespace: The Only Fish in the Pond (and Keeping It That Way)

Is a launch company that can’t field rockets for new customers still a launch company? If not, should European leadership still be taking its advice?

A Learning Opportunity: Blue Origin’s New Shepard Failure

When launch gives you lemons, learn. And then pass along the lessons.

Third Mover Disadvantage: ArianeGroup & Reusability

ArianeGroup’s love/hate relationship with rocket reusability continues. It loves government money thrown its way, parroting political purposes, as it grudgingly ventures into reusability development.

Single Point of Failure: When All Launches Lead to SpaceX

I’ve written a few analyses that noted that relying on SpaceX for spacecraft launches is a problem. A few folks have asked me to clarify that observation.

Starship Clones and More Thoughts about ISS Commercialization

News about another non-existent rocket that looks a bit like an existing rocket (again). And--does ISS commercialization make sense today?

Reusability, Waste, and Leverage

While the rivalry among industry competitors is entertaining to watch, some episodes during a competition can get downright...

Ups and Downs In Brownsville, Texas

If you had a chance to watch SpaceX’s test of a Starship prototype (dubbed SN5) last night, then you know...

Examining SpaceX’s Smallsat Rideshare Program

It’s been nearly a year since SpaceX announced its Smallsat Rideshare program. Based on recent news--and a full 2020 manifest for the...

From Modular & Flexible to “A Necessary Step”

Nearly two weeks ago a European Union (EU) Commissioner, Thierry Breton, mentioned the European Ariane...

Rocket Factories, Video Tours, and Reusability Questions

United Launch Alliance (ULA) proferred an opinion about rocket reusability in Aviation Week this week--one that sounds familiar if you’ve ever paid attention to Arianespace’s statements. In it, ULA’s CEO, Tory Bruno, reiterates (regarding reusability): “We have not really changed our assessment over the last couple of years because we have yet to see the… Continue reading Rocket Factories, Video Tours, and Reusability Questions