SLS, Orion, Artemis: Mind the Gap

The successful launch of Artemis 1 is a step. But is it a step to an abyss or to an actual, attainable plan?

Mixed Message: State of the Space Industrial Base 2022

Is there anything impactful from U.S. government observations and recommendations in its report? Yes. But readers may have to muddle through to find them.

Hardware is Not Software: Marketing Mixups in EO/RS and Launch

The great software companies of Silicon Valley are held in high esteem by those in the space industry. But admiration does not equal industry knowledge and understanding. Investors be aware!

AAC Clyde, Planet, and Cubesat Manufacturing

AAC Clyde Space released its 2019 Annual Report last week. The information within the report gives a peek at the priorities the cubesat manufacturing company is pursuing. One company goal is for it to become the “... most admired company in the small satellite sector...” To do this, the company notes in the report it… Continue reading AAC Clyde, Planet, and Cubesat Manufacturing

An Embarrassment of Pitches: A short history of USAF/SF commercials

It’s time for a little fun at the expense of my former service. This is inspired by the latest release of the U.S. Space Force’s latest advertisement. I’ll get to that in a few paragraphs. I’m just going to state it flat out: the Air Force advertising campaigns have been a mess since at least… Continue reading An Embarrassment of Pitches: A short history of USAF/SF commercials

Examining the U.S. Space Force’s Missions

Reading this post after writing it, I believe some people will be peeved. That’s not the intent. What this analysis does is point where the U.S. Space Force (SF) is TODAY regarding its resources and missions. The SF has inherited the parts of the Air Force that the USAF needed but didn’t really want (or… Continue reading Examining the U.S. Space Force’s Missions

Welcome to Ill-Defined Space

Imagine watching a rocket launch from a hillside (as I tended to do at Vandenberg). You see flame and smoke as the rocket initially appears not to be doing what it’s supposed to be doing--heading up. You notice it slowly starts to move up at about the same time the shockwave hits your body. It… Continue reading Welcome to Ill-Defined Space