U.S. Space Industry Growth Through U.S. Administrations

When Joe Biden becomes the President of the United States in late January, what does that mean for the commercial U.S. space industry?

Thoughts About “China’s Space Narrative”

CASI's report, just introduced last week, is a fascinating read, but it's errors don't fill readers with confidence.

“Foolish and Dangerous Thinking”

Now and then, someone pens an alarm about China’s space activities. To be clear, this sort of thing is misguided and factually...

U.S. Commercial Satellite Communications Observed

Echostar and Viasat seem to be weathering the pandemic just fine based on...

Applications that Use Space Infrastructures

There have been a few articles posted essentially echoing the math from Space Capital’s latest “Space Investment Quarterly.” The reported...

Space Startup Observations

In the world of “new space,” a person can become confused about what’s real, what’s progress, or what’s even a viable business in the...

Silicon Valley, New Space Companies, Diversity Statistics and Questions

The space industry is a subdivision of the technology sector which means that most of the issues impacting the larger sector are very much...

Based in Fiction: A Closer Look at a Heavy-Lift Market Report

Problem: What do you do if an organization that informs public/defense policy seems to be making suggestions based on inaccurate/irrelevant information? Especially if that information is repeated through several different media outlets without question? That’s what I’m faced with when I look at RAND’s “Assessing the Impact of U.S. Air Force National Security Space Launch… Continue reading Based in Fiction: A Closer Look at a Heavy-Lift Market Report

Strength in FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt)

Two space industry documents were published in the past few weeks that ultimately provided a “state of health” of the space industry. Earlier in April, the SmallSat Alliance rang the warning bell about the precarious health of some of the “new space companies” in the U.S. This warning was submitted as a paper to congressional… Continue reading Strength in FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt)

Military Milestones, Costs, and Culture

I’m going to admit this up front--I went down a rabbit hole in this analysis. A long one. But I guarantee you this particular analysis is COVID-19-free. The Milestone that Isn’t The United States Space Force (SF) monitored the launch of the DoD’s sixth Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellite last week. Many have noted… Continue reading Military Milestones, Costs, and Culture