The Cake is a Lie: Europe’s Ariane 6 Delays

ArianeGroup, ESA, and the EU need more sense of urgency to help Europe gain its space sovereignty. So where is the promised cake?

The Moat in DoD’s Eye: Starlink, DIU, and Innovation

The DoD’s DIU believes Starlink is preventing innovation (in this case, DIU’s network plans) using proprietary means. Maybe its perspective of innovation needs revisiting?

The Disrupted Disruptor: Viasat, Starlink, and New Space

Viasat's 2021 annual report makes for some interesting reading: it's still aiming to slow Starlink while claiming some New Space cred.

Disruption Or Dissonance? Relativity Space

Just how disruptive is Relativity Space? The company thinks its 3D printers are more than tools--they are harbingers of future factories and operations. But words cloud the company's actions.

Risk/Opportunity? It Depends on the Customer and the Company

This article’s headline, “Why the private space industry embraces risk,” intrigued me. At the very least, it appeared...

India, the Pandemic, European Entrepreneurs

India's ISRO provides the reason for no 2020 launches so far, and where exactly are the European entrepreneurs for space?

Commercial Space Growth–Venture Capital Driven

By all accounts, the U.S commercial space industry is growing. Is the growth originating with...

Scrying Meaning: Project Kuiper’s FCC Approval/Revealed Investment

Amazon’s blog and the FCC announcement verified Amazon’s Project Kuiper plans and commitment, with...

The Challenge for Space Startups

In this part of the analysis, I’ll note that Space startups aren’t even on the...

Space Startup Observations

In the world of “new space,” a person can become confused about what’s real, what’s progress, or what’s even a viable business in the...