Into the Gap Analysis (of a space company)

Demonstrating a useful analysis tool in the drive to separate the space wheat from the space chaff. There’s a lot of chaff!

SLS Rising Costs, Mission Assurance Concerns

To the surprise of no one (a predictable surprise, so to speak), SLS will cost more, and so will the ground systems supporting the ...

Lessons Not Learned, Part Deux

While the first "Lessons Not Learned" analyzed the Space Development Agency's likelihood of achieving its proposed "Space Transport Architecture" on time and on budget, the subject of this analysis was instigated from another Government Accountability Office (GAO) report recently released focusing on the United States Air Force's (USAF) Space and Missile Systems Center’s (SMC) efforts… Continue reading Lessons Not Learned, Part Deux

Silicon Valley, New Space Companies, Diversity Statistics and Questions

The space industry is a subdivision of the technology sector which means that most of the issues impacting the larger sector are very much...

Military Milestones, Costs, and Culture

I’m going to admit this up front--I went down a rabbit hole in this analysis. A long one. But I guarantee you this particular analysis is COVID-19-free. The Milestone that Isn’t The United States Space Force (SF) monitored the launch of the DoD’s sixth Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellite last week. Many have noted… Continue reading Military Milestones, Costs, and Culture

Defining the Space Force

I wrote this article for my other site nearly two years ago. But I figure this is still pertinent information to consider for the topic of the US Space Force. Yes, I did tweak it a little for this site. A lot of news and comments have been made about Trump's announcement of standing up… Continue reading Defining the Space Force