Mass, Frequency, Reliability: Comparing 2022 China and U.S. launches

Counting launches is helpful, but the resulting total yields an incomplete picture from which to extract a story. All launches aren’t the same and understanding that helps give readers a clear picture.

China’s Space Progress Twice U.S. Rate? More Money=More Innovation

Generals sometimes say the wildest, most fact-free things, especially about China. A lawmaker believes the U.S. Space Force’s innovation problem is low funding.

Fun with Numbers: China/U.S. Rocket Launches and Other Activities

Is the U.S. lagging far behind China in launches and satellite deployments in 2020?That's what 2 articles are saying. But they're wrong.

Filling the DoD’s Blind Spot in Cislunar space

AFRL will be developing a system that will be able to see activities occurring on the Moon’s...

Thoughts About “China’s Space Narrative”

CASI's report, just introduced last week, is a fascinating read, but it's errors don't fill readers with confidence.

Yellow Sea Launch Activities; Australian Space Leaders’ Data Aggregated?

China is taking more inspiration from the 1990s for space launch. It’s investing more into a floating...

Rocket Lab’s Photon: When Launch Isn’t Enough

Rocket Lab is testing out something that would make it more than “a glorified...

“Foolish and Dangerous Thinking”

Now and then, someone pens an alarm about China’s space activities. To be clear, this sort of thing is misguided and factually...

China’s CZ-5B, Hand-wringing, Capabilities, and Credibility

I forgot to select the proper categories for yesterday's article, "Lunar Lander Contracts--Some Dependent on SLS," so I've republished the article with the correct categories. If you couldn't get to it yesterday, I apologize. China’s successful launch of the Long March 5B (Chang Zheng 5B--CZ-5B) early Tuesday morning certainly presented good news for China’s human… Continue reading China’s CZ-5B, Hand-wringing, Capabilities, and Credibility

For Sale: One SmallSat Rocket

Rocket Auction Around the beginning of this month, a Chinese “commercial” launch company, Expace, put up one of its rockets for auction on the Chinese site, TaoBao. The auction was live-streamed, with the Kuaizhou (KZ-1A) rocket eventually selling for ~$5.6 million (a little less than the estimated $6.3 million KZ-1A launches normally go for). Is… Continue reading For Sale: One SmallSat Rocket