SLS, Orion, Artemis: Mind the Gap

The successful launch of Artemis 1 is a step. But is it a step to an abyss or to an actual, attainable plan?

The Michigan Launch Initiative: The Road Traveled Too Often

Stadium, spaceport, and monorail proposals have a few things in common. Unfortunately, one significant commonality relies on twisting facts and supplying doses of unrealistic optimism.

The Disrupted Disruptor: Viasat, Starlink, and New Space

Viasat's 2021 annual report makes for some interesting reading: it's still aiming to slow Starlink while claiming some New Space cred.

Into the Gap Analysis (of a space company)

Demonstrating a useful analysis tool in the drive to separate the space wheat from the space chaff. There’s a lot of chaff!

Space Startup Observations

In the world of “new space,” a person can become confused about what’s real, what’s progress, or what’s even a viable business in the...

Welcome to Ill-Defined Space

Imagine watching a rocket launch from a hillside (as I tended to do at Vandenberg). You see flame and smoke as the rocket initially appears not to be doing what it’s supposed to be doing--heading up. You notice it slowly starts to move up at about the same time the shockwave hits your body. It… Continue reading Welcome to Ill-Defined Space