Amazon Kuiper: More Than LEO Broadband

Amazon’s Kuiper is usually compared with SpaceX’s Starlink. However, that comparison discounts Amazon’s primary business and the possible other ways the company makes money off the internet.

Reviewing Some 2022 Space Industry Trends

Up/down, toward/from–trends are the analyst’s Twitter Joke Format: they’re variations of the same thing, often reused and repeated, but seldom funny.

The Disrupted Disruptor: Viasat, Starlink, and New Space

Viasat's 2021 annual report makes for some interesting reading: it's still aiming to slow Starlink while claiming some New Space cred.

Questions about the Commercial Space Industry’s Future (and some answers)

My attempt to address a few questions about the future of the commercial space industry.

Examining Microsoft’s Azure Orbital

Microsoft’s announcement a few days ago at its Ignite developer conference about Azure Orbital builds on the company’s experience with...

U.S. Commercial Satellite Communications Observed

Echostar and Viasat seem to be weathering the pandemic just fine based on...

Military Milestones, Costs, and Culture

I’m going to admit this up front--I went down a rabbit hole in this analysis. A long one. But I guarantee you this particular analysis is COVID-19-free. The Milestone that Isn’t The United States Space Force (SF) monitored the launch of the DoD’s sixth Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellite last week. Many have noted… Continue reading Military Milestones, Costs, and Culture