SDA’s Nudge Exposes Legacy Challenges

Northrop Grumman’s latest subcontracting announcement to fulfill an SDA contract is part of a U.S. space industry trend. But does that trend expose weakness or opportunity?

Astra’s Rocket Spin

Do Astra’s three C’s (capacity, cadence, and cost) lure the last of the three F’s?

Building the Space Force on a Sandy Foundation

A case of garbage-in, garbage-out? Or, like Pink’s hit album, Missundaztood? Continuation of USAF confusion about space operations? There are no good choices in this Space Force-focused paper.

Focus On: ClimaCell’s Business and Weather Constellation

ClimaCell's decision to deploy and operate a weather satellite constellation puts real business in a field of wannabees.

Back to Virgin Orbit, & the U.S. Army Talks “Starship Troopers”

Will Virgin Orbit be the cheapest smallsat launch provider? Only if it actually launches a rocket. The U.S. Army wants a rocket...for tanks.

Looking at the Space Development Agency’s Tracking Layer Selections

The following covers a topic that was long near and dear to my heart: low Earth-orbiting satellites with infrared sensors scanning...

Commercial Smallsat Industry / Government Needs

It may be useful to review some U.S. space industry history and remind ourselves of what niche small satellite...

SpaceX Mission Accomplished=Good Day

The business of commercially flying people into space in a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule launched on...

The Blackberry Moment?

I wrote this article for my other site nearly two years ago. But ULA's actions and focus still make it pertinent. Yes, I did tweak it a little for this site. For the past few years it's been difficult to watch the space launch industry in the United States and not draw parallels with the… Continue reading The Blackberry Moment?