3Q21 Orbital Space Launch Review

How many orbital rockets did each nation launch during 2021's third quarter? And do the launches indicate a vibrant commercial market?

Running out of (Reliable) Rockets

Murphy hasn't forgotten about Rocket Lab.

Civil Astronaut Launch, its Cheerleaders, Uncivil Society

Both stories potentially impact the future of the United States and its citizens. But one of these stories--the murder of George Floyd...

China’s CZ-5B, Hand-wringing, Capabilities, and Credibility

I forgot to select the proper categories for yesterday's article, "Lunar Lander Contracts--Some Dependent on SLS," so I've republished the article with the correct categories. If you couldn't get to it yesterday, I apologize. China’s successful launch of the Long March 5B (Chang Zheng 5B--CZ-5B) early Tuesday morning certainly presented good news for China’s human… Continue reading China’s CZ-5B, Hand-wringing, Capabilities, and Credibility

Help/Hindrance–U.S. Government is here to Help Commercial Launch “Market”

An opinion piece from Kirk Pysher was published last week. In “Will commercial and military launch programs ever be truly complementary?,” Pysher contends that it would be risky for the Department of Defense (DoD) to “leverage benefit from commercial launch.” In fact, he goes on to say that DoD activities can benefit U.S. commercial launch… Continue reading Help/Hindrance–U.S. Government is here to Help Commercial Launch “Market”