Amazon Kuiper: More Than LEO Broadband

Amazon’s Kuiper is usually compared with SpaceX’s Starlink. However, that comparison discounts Amazon’s primary business and the possible other ways the company makes money off the internet.

Questions about the Commercial Space Industry’s Future (and some answers)

My attempt to address a few questions about the future of the commercial space industry.

DoD Dreams of Grandeur and Influence in Commercial Space

DOD’s vision of how commercial space markets work seems to be generated from a standpoint of self-importance. But history and current healthy markets diverge from the DoD’s vision--thankfully.

Thousand Islands: Indonesia, the Philippines, & Satellite Communications

Nations with thousands of islands using satellites as their communications backbone. At least one is eyeing Starlink.

OneWeb: Activities, Plans, Impacts

Considering the company is dealing with Chapter 11 activities, OneWeb's other activities and plans have kept it...

U.S. Commercial Satellite Communications Observed

Echostar and Viasat seem to be weathering the pandemic just fine based on...