One Symposium Trend: Smallsat manufacturing

Sure, there were plenty of announcements from Space Symposium, but none were as potentially impactful as Amazon’s press release. While no other “big” PR’s came out, one trend continued.

Starship Clones and More Thoughts about ISS Commercialization

News about another non-existent rocket that looks a bit like an existing rocket (again). And--does ISS commercialization make sense today?

1Q21 Orbital Space Launch Review

A minor launch update for 2021. The upshot: a particular company (with a name that rhymes with “base specs”) has been very busy.

Swords, Plowshares & China’s Space Startups

“Why Hasn’t the Chinese SpaceX Emerged Yet?” provides a bit more context regarding some of the challenges commercial Chinese...

For Sale: One SmallSat Rocket

Rocket Auction Around the beginning of this month, a Chinese “commercial” launch company, Expace, put up one of its rockets for auction on the Chinese site, TaoBao. The auction was live-streamed, with the Kuaizhou (KZ-1A) rocket eventually selling for ~$5.6 million (a little less than the estimated $6.3 million KZ-1A launches normally go for). Is… Continue reading For Sale: One SmallSat Rocket