Third Mover Disadvantage: ArianeGroup & Reusability

ArianeGroup’s love/hate relationship with rocket reusability continues. It loves government money thrown its way, parroting political purposes, as it grudgingly ventures into reusability development.

From Modular & Flexible to “A Necessary Step”

Nearly two weeks ago a European Union (EU) Commissioner, Thierry Breton, mentioned the European Ariane...

SpaceX’s Cyclical Problem

Two years ago, the German magazine “Der Spiegel” interviewed Ariane Group’s Alain Charmeau (translation of that interview, here). The interview initially focused on the development of and launch plans for Arianespace’s newest rocket, the Ariane 6 (which might be launched in 2020). However, during the interview, “Der Spiegel” mentioned the fact that SpaceX’s Falcon 9… Continue reading SpaceX’s Cyclical Problem

“Minky”-shines In the French Space Sector

I wrote this article for my other site nearly two years ago. But Ariane Group's actions and focus still make it pertinent. Yes, I did tweak it a little for this site. Ariane chief seems frustrated with SpaceX for driving down launch costs An American summary of an English translation of a German interview of… Continue reading “Minky”-shines In the French Space Sector