OneWeb Update, Scrubbed U.S Launches, What is Reliability?

A series of events didn’t occur last week, reminding those of us monitoring their lack of happening that the U.S. space industry is still...

Government Space Budgets=Industry Priorities (Where’s Commercial?)

And last week one possible space industry player, the Department of Commerce (DoC), just received a small boost from a...

Examining the U.S. Space Force’s Missions

Reading this post after writing it, I believe some people will be peeved. That’s not the intent. What this analysis does is point where the U.S. Space Force (SF) is TODAY regarding its resources and missions. The SF has inherited the parts of the Air Force that the USAF needed but didn’t really want (or… Continue reading Examining the U.S. Space Force’s Missions

Maps, Streaming Video, and Earth Observation

(The air corridors above East Germany looked a little like that) A long time ago, I managed to acquire what I thought was an interesting map. It was rather large--about the size of a 4X8 wall panel--and when laid out, it had a map of East and West Germany on it. Of particular interest to… Continue reading Maps, Streaming Video, and Earth Observation