About Hyper-Aware

About Hyper-Aware

Hyper-Aware analyses require a subscription, either monthly or annually, to Ill-Defined Space. Paid subscribers have access to three Hyper-Aware analyses each week as well as archived Hyper-Aware analyses. They will also have access to the free weekly Appreciably Aware articles (four articles in total per week). Please be very aware that monthly and annual subscriptions auto-renew. However, you can very simply cancel your subscription should you wish.

Hyper-Aware analyses are intended to cover space sector topics of the day with the objective of highlighting possible reasons for space sector activities and possible outcomes of those activities. The purpose of these analyses is to bring some definition and clarity for a sector with many stakeholders, missions, and businesses. It’s my hope this exploration and analysis will provide more thoughtful context for conversations about the global space sector.

If you’d like to see the list of Hyper-Aware analyses, from latest to the very first, please select this link.

Hyper- and Appreciably Aware products will be delivered in accordance with the Ill-Defined Space Schedule. Delivery times and days off are detailed there.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, just contact me and I will cancel it.

If you’d like to become Hyper-Aware about the space sector, become a paid subscriber.