2020 Commercial Global Space Market, Part 2: Profitable, but Not Mature (Yet)

How the heck could automobile driving help mature the global space industry? **Warning** this is the longest yet.

2020 Commercial Global Space Market, Part 1: The Year of Government Dependence

While the global space industry was busy and profitable during 2020, perhaps its activities and profits are not signs of a healthy “commercial” space sector.

U.S. Rocket Launch Market: Strictly Commercial?

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Implications of Starship’s 12.5 km Test

SpaceX's Starship test yesterday is evidence that the company's rocket is real, which will result in real impacts on the rest of the sector.

Commercial Space-based EO/RS Sector Growth, Part 3: Products

Did you know that U.S. government agencies haven't been using international resources that are available during a disaster?