Commercial Space-based EO/RS Sector Growth, Part 2

Growth in EO/RS has the potential to help with government disaster response...with caveats.

Commercial Space-based EO/RS Sector Growth–Potential to Help with Government Emergency and Response

In the last decade, there's been significant growth in commercial space-based EO/RS companies. Can they help emergency and response?

Examining Realities in ISS Commercialization

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U.S. Space Industry Growth Through U.S. Administrations

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Fun with Numbers: China/U.S. Rocket Launches and Other Activities

Is the U.S. lagging far behind China in launches and satellite deployments in 2020?That's what 2 articles are saying. But they're wrong.

Tea Leaves, Biden, SLS = U.S. Space Industry Future?

What might a President Biden do to SLS? Why? If he didn't cancel it, is SLS a "good" future of the U.S. space industry?