LauncherOne Customers and DoD Wish Fulfillment

If Virgin Orbit launches a proper business, will the DoD's wish finally come true? Or is it a case of being “careful what you wish for?”

Partnerships and Platforms: Thinking about Microsoft’s Azure Space

Does Azure Space and a partnership with SpaceX give Microsoft an edge against Amazon's AWS?

Back to Virgin Orbit, & the U.S. Army Talks “Starship Troopers”

Will Virgin Orbit be the cheapest smallsat launch provider? Only if it actually launches a rocket. The U.S. Army wants a rocket...for tanks.

SpaceX, Propellant Depots, and Rocket Markets

SpaceX wins from NASA a contract to develop a capability. ULA had tried to get that funding over a decade ago...

Virgin Orbit–a Year Ago and Now

It’s hard to believe a little over a year has passed since Chris Quilty and I wrote up the analysis “Virgin Orbit – Approaching...

The Beginning of the End (of Expensive Satellites)?

The Space Development Agency awarded an infrared satellite manufacturing contract to SpaceX. Why didn't it choose traditional manufacturers?

Looking at the Space Development Agency’s Tracking Layer Selections

The following covers a topic that was long near and dear to my heart: low Earth-orbiting satellites with infrared sensors scanning...

OneWeb Update, Scrubbed U.S Launches, What is Reliability?

A series of events didn’t occur last week, reminding those of us monitoring their lack of happening that the U.S. space industry is still...