Commerce, Categories, and Stabilizing Sugar-Daddies

Reading through the past few days of news posts, it’s obvious that COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind. It’s on our mind in our family’s version of a Colorado Springs “Fortress of Solitude” as we hunker down in our home. Colorado’s governor finally announced the inevitable “shelter at home” guidance for the state on March 25th.… Continue reading Commerce, Categories, and Stabilizing Sugar-Daddies

OneWeb’s “Bad News” Friday

Following a week full of rumor, LEO broadband provider wannabe OneWeb filed for bankruptcy last Friday after a successful launch of 34 satellites the weekend prior. Empty Space on the Tightrope In “Pandemic-instigated Bankruptcies?” I wrote about OneWeb’s rumored plans for filing for bankruptcy, as well as what a filing might portend for its competitors.… Continue reading OneWeb’s “Bad News” Friday

Focusing on Pandemic-caused “Ghost Towns”

Along with COVID-19’s spread as a global challenge comes the inevitable pictures highlighting the pandemic’s impact on all areas of the world. The images, provided by Earth observation (EO) companies like Maxar and Planet, are snapshots in time of areas on the Earth before COVID-19’s notoriety and after. The latest of these “ghost town” types… Continue reading Focusing on Pandemic-caused “Ghost Towns”

Additional SpaceX Information and What is “Mission Essential,” Anyway?

This always happens in research. No matter how thoroughly I dig around, no matter how much time I dedicate to the task of researching a topic, something new will inevitably come up AFTER I hit the “publish” button. Fun with Numbers The topic I’m referring to was in Monday’s post: Pandemic-instigated Bankruptcies? It’s not that… Continue reading Additional SpaceX Information and What is “Mission Essential,” Anyway?

Space Commerce and Earth observation

Commercial equality Last week, Politico interviewed Planet Lab's chief strategy officer, Robbie Schingler. During the interview, Schingler noted the inequalities of importance between the U.S. Departments of Defense and Commerce for space. "I really want that voice of 21st century aerospace commerce to be equal with national security. That's how important of an opportunity it… Continue reading Space Commerce and Earth observation

Pandemic-instigated Bankruptcies?

OneWeb, one of the four remaining serious contenders in the race to deploy broadband satellite service from satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO), managed to deploy another 34 satellites this last Saturday. This addition means the company has deployed ~11% (74) of 648 initial OneWeb satellites, about an 8% lead on SpaceX, one of OneWeb’s… Continue reading Pandemic-instigated Bankruptcies?

Troubled Landings, Mixed Roles

SpaceX launched another 60 Starlink satellites into orbit yesterday morning. There are all sorts of interesting little facts thrown out by media and fans alike, such as: the Starlink payload will launch with a booster that’s already been launched four times; The newly added satellites mean the constellation is ~50 satellites shy of the required… Continue reading Troubled Landings, Mixed Roles

Civil Space Embrace the Workplace’s Future While Limiting COVID-19’s Spread

COVID-19 is forcing civil space agencies such as NASA to adjust how some of their employees are getting work done. While the change hopefully reduces the chances of spreading it, does its necessarily prolonged use increase the likelihood of employees wanting to remain in a home environment while working? A look is warranted. While the… Continue reading Civil Space Embrace the Workplace’s Future While Limiting COVID-19’s Spread

Global Space Launch Industry: Differing Answers to a Global Pandemic

As much as space industry proponents bring up examples of positive impacts of space technology and services on humans on Earth, the current global pandemic is a grave reminder that it doesn't take much to disrupt the space sector. Let's look at some industry examples. Stories about the reactions of space-focused companies and organizations to… Continue reading Global Space Launch Industry: Differing Answers to a Global Pandemic

Welcome to Ill-Defined Space

Imagine watching a rocket launch from a hillside (as I tended to do at Vandenberg). You see flame and smoke as the rocket initially appears not to be doing what it’s supposed to be doing--heading up. You notice it slowly starts to move up at about the same time the shockwave hits your body. It… Continue reading Welcome to Ill-Defined Space